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Is the dyno test harmful to the vehicle.

Don't get the perception that the dyno test is damaging your vehicle.

Since April 2019 Turkey throughout the vehicle - appraisers will be required to close the trading date, February Bursa galericiler posed by the chamber president Hakan BURNS,

'The dyno engine test in auto expertise causes serious damage to the vehicle, especially automatic gearboxes'

The claim was made.

Our company was established in 2014 and dyno test was done to every customer who wanted.

Dyno tests have been performed on thousands of vehicles so far and none of our customers' vehicles have been damaged.

If all the necessary precautions are taken while performing the dyno test, the dyno test will never harm your vehicle.

In addition to these, in vehicles that are tested:

- the condition of the injectors

- Whether the 4 * 4 differential works or not

- whether the turbo generates enough power

- control of transmission gears

- whether the ignition system is malfunctioning

- whether the power produced by the vehicle is in place

Like, dyno test is done before the notary public, if the condition of the purchased vehicle is checked and there is a situation that will cost you money.

The dyno test is mandatory in the auto expertise regulation prepared by Tse, the Ministry of Science Industry, TUBITAK and the ministry of trade.

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